Unremovable malware with WSL


Windows Subsystem for Linux (or, as I’m incorrectly calling it, Linux Subsystem for Windows) is a tool in Windows 10 that provides a Linux kernel on top of the Windows kernel. WSL can translate Linux system calls to Windows language. This way one can execute Linux-related apps/commands in Windows without re-compilation. It can be powerful in the hand of a good administrator but it also has some drawbacks as it was mentioned in this reddit post: https://www.
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Malicious process analyzer

I have recently started to make some basic research with osquery. I investigated some malware infections in the past and I decided that I’m going to take a look at them with osquery as well. I was curious how much data I can retrieve with osquery and how much I will benefit from its usage. I was honestly surprised because it helped me make some basic information gathering faster than my earlier methods.
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